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Come to me

Yana Lozeva in search of humane in human being




Come to me

Yana Lozeva

Yana Lozeva’s camera lens is usually unwilling to bypass the strangers on the street. Somewhere in the interplay of darkness and light Yana manages to find a reason to “fall in love” with the person, to see his vulnerability in the details of everyday life.

The images give away the author’s excitement at the touch of “humanity” by capturing the fleeting moment when our inert desperation with the world gives way to some calmer breathing. It is her faith in the fellow man and his delicate vulnerability that prompted the title of the series, Come to Me.

Yana Lozeva looks lovingly through the lens to get a sense of being connected with the people on the other side, to get to know the fundamental things that serve to balance the feeling of eropy in modern society.

Yana Lozeva (born in 1989) is a freelance photographer working and living in Sofia. In 2014 she graduated in Photography from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. She is primarily interested in portraiture and “human character”. In 2013 Yana Lozeva published her book Long Summer, dedicated to the territories of her childhood. It was followed by two individual exhibitions, Immediate Light (2014) and Adata (2015).

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