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Phelia Barouh

Focus: Images, spaces, aesthetics. 

Fuel: "Find what you love and let it kill you". 

Fetish: Getting closer.

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visual identity

Kiril Zlatkov

Focus: Searching for beauty. Graphic design, typography, typeface design. 

Fuel: Family and friends, music, beautiful works by colleagues here and all over the world. Kind words. Thinking of the sea. 

Fetishes: Paper, ink, drawing and writing instruments.

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Media relations

Margarita Eneva

Focus: The Life

Fact: Things aren't always what they seem 

Fetish: The memories


Fotofabrika Foundation
19 Yanko Sakazov Blvd, fl. 5, ap. 14

Media Inquiries Fotofabrika Festival
Dessislava Bineva
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Albena Spasova

Focus: Split between practice and theory. Organizing exhibitions and lecturing at the National Academy of Art. Co-founder of the International Triennial of Stage Poster - Sofia. Shortcutting the distance between art and audience. 

Fuel: Homo Ludens. Lingua Franca. The joy of play as a universal language. 

Fetish: Love and art must be shared.

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Visual identity

Maya Staykova

Focus: on the detail and the wide plan. 

Fact: the light needs time to reach us, therefore all we see is the past. 

Fetish: control.

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social media

Polly Zaharieva

Focus: events, networking, meaningful characters. Good results. 

Fuel: “You are where your thoughts are. Ensure that your thoughts are where you want to be." 

Fetish: flawless.

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Boryana Telbis

Focus: Stories.

Fuel: It won’t be like this forever.

Fetish: Words, water, hands.

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Biliana Kasabova

Focus: People, stories, urban culture

Fact: a matter of perception

Fetish: travelling, images, music, the sea, oddities, communication

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Emmy Barouh

Focus: Collecting traumas. Searching for images. Conceiving synonyms. 

Fuel: A self-help manual. The to-do list. A potent combination of worry and joy. 

Fetish: It's not about where you are. It's all about who you are with.